About Us

Whether Your Web Project Is Large Or Small, Our Web Design Methodology Will Always Contains These Critical Elements.

Over The Years, We Have Developed A Purposeful And Effective Approach To Building High Quality Websites Based On Our Extensive Experience Client Projects And Our Own.

While No Website Project Is Ever Exactly The Same, These Basic Procedures Give Us A Solid Road Map For Your Website’s Development.

We Follow These Simple Steps To Design Your Web Indentity..

Planning Phase

  • We Do Research
  • We Observe
  • We Understand
  • We Analyze

Design Phase

  • Use Cases
  • Business Processes
  • Wireframes
  • Design Concepts

Development Phase

  • Design Handover
  • Communicate
  • Monitor
  • Visual Design

Deployment Phase

  • Usabilty Testing
  • Varification
  • Design Quality Check
  • Approval
  • Deliver

Once Our Discussions Are Complete We'll Deliver Your Project, On Time And On Budget. If It's A Print Job, We Have Some Great Relationships With High Quality Printers Who Will Ensure A Perfect Finish. If Your Project Is Digital, Our Web Design Specialists Will Test It Thoroughly Before Launching Online.


Contact Us

  • Corporate Office

    Lucknow Plaza, Nazirabad,
    Lucknow, India

    Email Address:info@sonyinfocom.com

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